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The Lab Bench of 2021
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March, 2021

Practical Test & Measurement: The Virtins Multi-Instrument Software, AudioXpress

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Winter 2006

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Feb 1 2006

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Dec 16, 2005

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Dec 15, 2005

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Jul 21, 2005


... I just checked with the AP and as expected, the noise floor in this test case is about -110/-115 dB. That's what is reported by my audio precision analyzer, my Agilent SA my own test tool, and also in MI. I'm currently testing MI as a new bench tool for a massive audio roundup planned in our next issue and I totally love it. I will have no choice but to buy a license after the 21-day trial. I'm mad I've spend 100 bucks for TrueR... :X Your software deserve to be well-known everywhere...

You are certainly the most innovative in this field. Congratulations!

Great product! Thanks for having a full featured trial version before purchase. I love your product and I actually think it is underpriced.

Your product is the very best I have ever seen. I am working with the measuring technology many years - it is really very good.

Your software is excellent, good job.

The best sound card oscilloscope I've seen.

We are very happy with the product!

The Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer of your product is really the best on market.

I already have MultiInstrument and have been very pleased with it.

I am teaching something very different and new using your software: A hands on intensive experiments course for incoming college freshman. You should take this as a compliment to your software as I found it (e.g., how to trigger and export data) very intuitive and robust. I didn't read the instructions and was taking useful data in about 5 min. By the way, I used it to measure the speed of sound inside my office. I plugged in a microphone and positioned it 1 m from the nearest wall and the clapped my hands. The mike recorded my clap and the echo after about 6 ms--giving about 320 m/s--very close to the correct value for the speed of sound at standard conditions.

It took me 20 minutes, I could not believe what can be done with your program, hats off to your programmers.