Whish list (from 3.9.6)

Whish list (from 3.9.6)

Postby RJA4000 » Sat Jun 11, 2022 9:16 pm


I guess you get used to me asking for more ;-)
That's because I love this tool :-)

I have another few whishes

1. Multitone with TD+N
For some reason, when selecting "TDN" in Spactrum analyzer, we don't have the choice to select sorting peaks by level anymore.
The issue is that then some very weak "peaks" are selected (while they should be part of distortion+Noise)
Is there a way to allow selecting peak by decreasing level ?
Also, we can't select the frequency range for TDN.
Is that 20Hz-20kHz ?
Also, I have a hard time getting that to work.
I use a 32 tones Wav file, and MI typically doesn't detect the peaks correctly.
"Deadband" parameter doesn't seem to really work.
Would there be a way to suggest a Deadband, based on current settings (Sampling frequency + FFT size + Selected Function) ?

2. In the graphics, and specifically in the Spectrim Analyzer graph, the plot order should be reversed:
Typically, the most important plot is Channel A
Channel B and References should show BEHIND Plot A
Ideally, I'd have following order for drawing, from FRONT to BACK:
Foremost: Channel A
Then Channel B, Reference 1 A, Reference 1 B, and so on. (To be fair, I don't mind if References for channel A come all on top of References for Channel B)
Currently, this is the opposite, and Channel A is hidden by Channel B and the References

3. Compensation file and 0 dBFS
Sometimes, level in Spectrum Analyzer may become more than 0dBFS, due to Compensation file
But the display top always remains 0dBFS
Is there a way to adapt ?

4. More DDPs and UDDPs !
We are currently limited at 16DDPs for display.
This is a bit short. Would that be possible to increase that figure, up to 32 (example) ?

5. Re-ordering DDPs
As we can't access and edit the Panel Settings (PSF), we have no way than re-creating a Oanel from scracth when we want to INSERT an UDDP before another one.
This is annoying.
Would that be possible to display a table with all DDPs/UDDPs (ideally with the settings like DDP, Alias, Formula, Averaging, Limits)
and then to Save / Restore ( dream)
or at least to re-order them ?
(I understand you have a setting for each of the 16 DDPs. When you already have 3 DDPs, if you call a UDDP, it will then be UDDP4)

6. DDP Title
DDPs Title is too small / hardly readable
In "Display", I may increase font but then that's only for Graphics scales fonts, and Y scales on graphs typically may become too busy
Allowing to adjust font size and Font Bold per DDP would be great
Having a single setting for that in "Display" for all DDPs would already be great

7. UDDP Style
Channel A and Channel B font color may be adjusted.
But this doesn't work for UDDP
Is there a way, either to assign a UDDP to a channel or just to setp the UDDP font color ?

8. DDP Array font color
-- EDIT: You already answered this one: I need to use "Other color" - therefore, FORGET THIS --
It looks like DDP Array font color is attached to Channel B color ?
Why not using the same color than Chanel A ?
Or see above: allow adjusting it.

9. Allow to reset DDP alarm programatically through .Net

10. Add a scale mode "Auto Adjust" to the oscilloscope
Currently, the "Auto" setting seems to keep the max scale (calibration) and doesn't adapt to the signal
I use the Oscilloscope to display the wave form
So ajusting the max scale would allow to automatically change the scale when signal level changes (after 2s, as an example)
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Re: Whish list (from 3.9.6)

Postby VirtinsTech » Tue Jun 21, 2022 3:50 am

1. In TD+N measurement, it is crucial that the “Number of Peaks” and “Deadband” are set correctly according to the stimulus’s multitone configuration. The “Number of Peaks” must be equal to the number of tones in the multitone. The "Deadband" should be a bit less than the minimum interval between tones in the multitone. The sorting order does not affect the peaks detected. When "TD+N" is ticked, "Sort by Frequency" is enforced for programming convenience. 20Hz-20kHz is the default frequency range for TD+N measurement. It is configurable.

2. The vertical scrollbars for Ch.A and Ch.B can be used to separate the data curves of the two channels.

3. The vertical scrollbars for Ch.A and Ch.B can be used to display values higher than 0dBFS.

4. The maximum number of DDP Viewers will be increased from 16 to 24 in the next release.

5. Probably no.

6. The font size in a window's title bar is controlled by and can be adjusted through Windows Control Panel.

7. It can be changed through [Setting]>[Display]>"Other Text Color". All UDDPs have the same color.

8. The font color of DDP Array follows the color of the respective channel if only that channel is presented. If both channels are presented, then the font color = Color of Ch.A + Color of Ch.B.

9. Will be provided in the next release.

10. On-demand autoscaling can be done by right clicking the Oscilloscope and select "Oscilloscope AutoScaling". Continuous autoscaling can be done by ticking [Setting]>[ADC Device]>"AutoScaling".

On-demand autoranging can be done by clicking the "Auto" button at the upper right corner. Continuous autoranging can be done by ticking [Setting]>[ADC Device]>"AutoRanging".
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Re: Whish list (from 3.9.6)

Postby VirtinsTech » Wed Jun 22, 2022 7:40 pm

The above Items 4 and 9 have been provided in the latest version MI
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Re: Whish list (from 3.9.6)

Postby RJA4000 » Fri Jun 24, 2022 2:00 pm

Did I tell you already how much I appreciate your reactivity ?

Man, this is AWESOME !

By the way, I now have 2 measurements performed with Multi Instrument published on front page of AudioscienceReview
Thanks for your help !

https://www.audiosciencereview.com/foru ... ble.33657/
https://www.audiosciencereview.com/foru ... nts.35165/
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Re: Whish list (from 3.9.6)

Postby VirtinsTech » Mon Jun 27, 2022 1:08 am

Thanks a lot!
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