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I have looked over your site for details on how to take measurements using the LCR Meter and also how to use the signal generator for checking the waveform of an item being tested using the O scope. Using the 2810H do I also have to use the sound card to make these tests. For example if I were to test a gate transformer wave form on the O scope how do I get the rectangle wave form from the the signal generator to my probes? Is there a user guide for those of us not using our sound cards but are using the 2810H?
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The hardware of DSO-2810H does not have a built-in signal generator except the fixed 1KHz 2Vpp square wave for probe calibration. Therefore the software defaults to use the sound card for signal generation. The signal frequency that can be generated is limited by the sampling rate of the sound card and bandwidth. For LCR meter, it is recommended to use the sound card for both ADC and DAC as the sound card has higher bit resolution than the DSO which is only 8-bit.

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I guess I now need to buy the sound card probe setup.
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Re: DSO-2810H

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Is there a user guide for those of us not using our sound cards but are using the 2810H?
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Re: DSO-2810H

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yes, the manual of VT DSO-2810H can be downloaded from http://www.virtins.com/VT-DSO-2810H-Manual.pdf
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