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VT RTA-168D (US$549.95)

PC based Ultra-Low-Noise USB Real Time Acoustic Analyzer, Sound Level Meter, Distortion Analyzer, Polarity Tester
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Click here to download and try the fully functional Multi-Instrument software using your sound card as the ADC and DAC device!

Package Contents

  1. USB measurement microphone and its accessories (a windshield, a microphone clip and a small microphone stand)
  2. USB cable (2m)
  3. CD (contains the copy-protected Multi-Instrument Software)
  4. USB hardkey (contains a Multi-Instrument Pro License)
  5. Audio Test WAV files (contains a list of audio test tones and noises)
    Download Link: AudioTestCD.rar, AudioTestCD.zip
  6. 1/8” TRS cable (1.8m)
  7. Black Soft Pouch Case
  8. Unique Sound Level Calibration Data (in CD)
  9. Unique Microphone On-Axis and 90-degree Calibration Data (in CD)

Unique Calibration File Download:

Serial Number (7 Digits XXXXXXX)


Transducer Type 1/2" low-noise pre-polarized condenser on 60 UNS thread
Polar Pattern Omni-directional
Frequency Range 10Hz ~ 20kHz (±1dB with the frequency response calibration file loaded)
Useful Range: 1Hz ~ 90 kHz
Sampling Rate 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
Bit Depth 32 Bit (120 dB SNR ADC)
Number of Input Channels 1
Frequency Accuracy 0.01%
Frequency Weighting Flat, A, B, C, ITU-R 468
Time Weighting Linear, Exponential
(Equivalent Continuous Sound Level (Leq) fully complies with IEC61672)
Max. SPL (THD<1%, 1kHz) 125 dBSPL @ 0dB analog gain
Sound Level Measurement Range 25dB ~ 125dB (typical), adjustable through software gain slider. Recalibration is not required after the gain setting changes.
Sound Level Measurement Accuracy ± 0.3 dB at 94dB, 1kHz after calibration
Sound Level Calibration Calibrated using Type 1 Sound Level Calibrator
Octave Analysis 1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24, 1/48, 1/96
(Complies with IEC61260)
Other Functions THD, THD+N, SINAD, SNR, SMPTE IMD, DIN IMD, CCIF2 IMD, Frequency Response, etc.
Much more functions are described in the software manual.
USB Audio USB Audio Class 2.0 (driver installation required)
Connector USB Type C socket
Case Material Aluminum
Weight 150 g
Dimensions Φ21.0 x 185.0 mm
Power Supply USB bus powered (5V)
System Requirements Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/8.1/10/11, 32 bit or 64 bit. Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600
Calibration Individually calibrated. Calibration files for on-axis and 90 degree included.
RTA 168D Frequency Response

Typical Frequency Response


Magnitude Frequency Response Measurement using Octave Analysis with Periodic Pink Noise Excitation (no averaging is required unlike the case of pink noise)
Measurement of Reverberation and Its Related Acoustic Parameters using the Interrupted Noise Method (Note: Multi-Instrument Pro or above is required)
Measurement of Reverberation and Speech Intelligibility Parameters using the Integrated Impulse Response Method (Note: Multi-Instrument Pro or above is required)
(cont.) Measurement of Reverberation and Speech Intelligibility Parameters using the Integrated Impulse Response Method (Note: Multi-Instrument Pro or above is required)
Discontinuity Measurement for Detection of Glitch, Digital Dropout, Speaker Rub and Buzz (Note: Multi-Instrument Pro or above is required)
Sound Quality Measurement Example - Loudness, Loudness Level, Sharpness of a white noise in a Free Field (Note: Multi-Instrument Pro or above is required)
Detection of Ultrasound Burst (about 40 kHz ) Emitted by Car Parking Sensor