Software Activation and Licensing

No. The hardkey from V3.0 onward is remotely upgradable. We will send you an upgrade package file for you to upgrade your USB hardkey. See details.

Yes. See here for more details.

No. Uninstalling and reinstalling the software will not change the license status. The software will get activated automatically to the license level you own after reinstallation.

No, unless otherwise stated explicitly for the new version (please refer to the free software upgrade notice). You just need to uninstall the old version and then install the new version. The software will get activated automatically to the license level you own. You can even keep both the old version and the new version in different directories.

This usually occurs when you use a valid activation code to unlock a wrong title/version of the software. To get out from this situation, you need to remove the corrupted license first and then re-apply for your new activation code. See here for more details.

Software Usage and Compatibility

Yes. The setup file of the software can be copied to any computer and running this software does not require connection to the internet. The software will never automatically request the access to the internet. You can use our online software registration page, email, fax, telephone to register your software.

This is access denied error. It may occur if you are trying to run the software under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/8/8.1/10 without administrative rights (from restricted account). The software must be installed and unlocked by a person with administrative rights. Once it's activated, it can be accessed by any user including restricted users and guests.

This is a false alarm. Our software is copy-protected and reverse-engineering-protected, anti-virus software usually identifies the protected software as "Armored", but some of them can generate false alarms, which can simply be ignored.

This is most likely because your computer microphone is selected as the ADC Device and Sound Card MME driver is used, but your Windows microphone privacy setting prevents the software from accessing your microphone. You can enable it via [Windows Start Button] -> [Setting] -> [Privacy] -> [Microphone].

This is most likely because you are using the same sound card as both the ADC and DAC devices, and Sound Card MME driver is used, but the sampling rates configured under the "Advanced" tab of Windows Recording and Playback Controls differ.


The software is designed such that supporting another language is simply a job of translation. No change is required for software code. We are able to customize the user interface in any language for you at minimum or even no cost. Please contact us if you are interested.